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Christian Marriage Coaching

Joe & Rhonda Robinson 

Board Certified Christian Marriage Replenishment Specialists

Helping couples achieve the extraordinary accomplishments that are uncommon in many marriages today.

Making changes in your marriage can be frustrating. This is especially true when you are unable to find the right answers and resources to accomplish your goals. We have been there, and would love to help you find the right answers and resources that you have been looking for and praying about. 

If you are not satisfied with the condition of your marriage, you have the option of doing something about it today. Whether you feel your marriage is stuck or you desperately need to find a way to resolve the ongoing conflicts that’s damaging your marriage, you can do something about it today. Whatever is causing you to not be satisfied with the condition of your marriage can be resolved by you taking action today. 

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Sessions are available in person, online, and over the phone.

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We can help you in the following areas.

Fight for your marriage

Poor communication  

Trust issues (Infidelity)

Save your marriage

Refresh your marriage 

Strengthen your marriage

Pursue Greatness in Marriage 

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Frequent fighting 

Feeling unloved, unappreciated, & disrespected 

Feeling lonely

Lack of intimacy

Disagreements that keep you from moving forward 

Marriage Greatness Home Study Lessons 

Marriage Replenishment Weekend

Marriage Replenishment Night

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What others are saying:

Marriage Coaching                               

“Understanding a person goes deeper 

than our thoughts about them 

is the major concept that I learned from Marriage Replenishment Coaching. 

You and your wife together, coaching my wife and I, 

brought us together on a common ground. Life has improved immensely”. 

It was easy to fall into a grumpy, slumpy demeanor in my marriage. 

I was often unhappy and felt sorry for myself. 

That is not the person I want to be! 

You have helped me to be more intentional each day to not fall prey to those bad habits. 

To intentionally show love, respect and consideration to my spouse on a daily basis. 

This has surprisingly empowered me to stand up for myself in a better way that is not offensive to him. 

It’s all good and I praise our Lord!

B. Anderson

 “I truly appreciate the team of Joe and Rhonda Robinson for helping my husband and I through an extremely difficult time in our marriage. I honestly felt our relationship was dead and was preparing myself to walk away. Agreeing to counselling was the last ditch effort for me. I think I went because I never thought it would work, so when I did walk away, I could honestly say I did all I could have done to fix our marriage. Through the awesome in depth coaching sessions with the Wonder Team (Joe & Rhonda) at The Color Of Marriage, I was able to begin working through my healing process and focus on God’s purpose for me in our marriage, rather than what I thought was my purpose for me in my marriage. I could see the progress in my husband week after week as we went through this counselling as well. It’s all about getting to the heart of God’s design for marriage and the roll we play in spreading his Holy Word through action. 
So bottom line……contrary to my belief… ain’t about me…..
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!”
I. Myers

As an instructor at Point University, I was privileged to have Joe in several classes, as he was pursuing his Bachelors degree.

I HIGHLY recommend Joe as a Christian marriage coach.

He stood out as a very engaged student who took pride in submitting all of his assignments in a timely manner, and the caliber of his work was excellent.

He expressed a desire to help people in their marriages, so this is a field where he has been interested in pursuing for some time now.

As a devoted husband and father of six children, he certainly has life experiences, in addition to his academic training.

Joe has a very outgoing personality and possessing great “people skills”.

He is also a man of faith, and I believe would be a great mentor to men, with his faith providing a firm foundation for his coaching.

In closing, I think he will make an awesome Christian marriage coach!

He is the BEST!!!

Sharon Dawkins

Adjunct Professor at Point University

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