“50/50 is an unrealistic concept in marriage.”  If a husband only brings 50% and a wife only brings 50% of themselves to their marriage, then where does the other 50% of these individuals go?  This is a concept that was brought up in an “Art of Marriage” class I attended.  When you think about it realistically, who would really want to be in a marriage where your spouse only gives you a percentage of their time and energy?  This is not the plan that God has for marriage.

I can see now how many try to satisfy their selfish desires with the 50% of themselves left out of their marriages.  This is one of the reasons why many marriages don’t last.  Marriage should lead you to become more selfless and giving. Yet, many people marry because they are selfish and they want someone to satisfy needs that only God can fill.

I have never heard a coach encouraging a player in a sport to go out and give him 50% at a game. Employers don’t want their employees to make a 50% effort when they are at work and would anyone really want to make only 50% on a test in school?  So why is a 50% effort/contribution okay in marriage?  We should give our best in whatever we do.  I tell my kids all the time, it does not matter what another person is not doing, you do what is right and do your best.

When I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I gave Him my heart and life.  When I read the Word of God I cannot be concerned with what my husband is not doing.  I must do what the Word of God tells me to do, whether my spouse is living up to what God commands or not.  My devotion to the Lord is not on the condition that my spouse is living up to God’s Word and loving me the way Christ loves His church. My devotion to God comes from a sincere desire to be the woman who He has instructed me to be.  Unfortunately, I may look like a fool to many women, including Christian women, by living life this way. This is only because many choose to walk in disobedience of God’s Word, instead of obedience. I remind myself that the only choice God gives us is to be obedient to His Word or to walk in disobedience. I have heard wise men say that “God does not give suggestions, only commands.”

I chose to do what God commands and give my marriage 100% — what have you chosen?