Be Intimate In Your Marriage


Being intimate in your marriage makes a meaningful connection between you and your spouse possible. Every time you willingly decide to […]

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Be Interested In Your Marriage

God wants you to be interested in the health and welfare of your marriage and so does your spouse. Replenishing your marriage on a regular basis is a […]

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Your Spouse Is Not Your Enemy

When you remember that your spouse is not your enemy, Great things happen.

A Brief application


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Simple Message of Hope

Marriage Devotional Online: Hope

Romans 8:24-25 – 24 For we were saved in this hope, but hope that is […]

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Believe: I Can’t Believe I Married Him

Marriage Devotional Online: Believe

Rhonda Robinson

I Can’t Believe I Married Him


During the first few years of my marriage, I had many “I can’t believe I married him” moments. Like […]

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Has Your Marriage Been Tested?

Marriage Motivational

When husbands and wives put forth an effort to receive a passing grade […]

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When husbands and wives choose to move their marriage to greatness, Great things happen.

Greatness is usually associated […]

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One Principle to Improve Your Marriage

Marriage Motivational

When husbands and wives look after what is good for one […]

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2 Concepts That Will Never Improve Your Marriage

Marriage Motivational

When husbands and wives are not afraid of or embarrassed about improving their marriages, Greatness […]

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When You Apologize in Marriage

When husbands and wives apologize to one another, Great Things Happen!

When you apologize in your marriage, you can […]

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