Husbands, Is Your Wife Really That Important?

When husbands love their wives, Great Things Happen.

Marriage Motivational


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Remove The Stress From Your Marriage

When husbands and wives willingly change behaviors that place undo stress on their marriages, Great things will happen in their marriage.


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Do You See Your Marriage As A Covenant?

When husbands and wives acknowledge and accept that their marriage is a covenant between them and God, Great things will happen […]

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Marriage Motivational: How Much is Your Spouse Worth to You?

When husbands and wives value each other, Great Things Happen!

Husbands and Wives are most of the time […]

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Marriage Motivational: Where Is Your Mind When It Comes To Your Marriage?

When husbands and wives have made up their minds  to succeed in their marriage, Great Things Happen!


Whenever you make up your mind to do something, more than likely you will […]

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God is Not in the Business of Failing

Marriage Devotional Online: God is Not in the Business of Failing

When you and your spouse agree […]

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Marriage Motivational: Simple Acts of Unexpected Kindness

When husbands and wives take the time to perform simple acts of unexpected kindness in favor of […]

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Marriage Motivational: Follow God’s Plan For Marriage

When you and your spouse willingly follow God’s plan for marriage, Great Things Happen!


Psalm 19:7 “The law of the LORD is perfect, restoring the soul; The testimony of the […]

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Never Assume

Marriage Devotional Online: Never Assume

Take the following into consideration:

All […]

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Marriage Hope

When husbands & wives create an environment of hope instead of despair in their marriage, Great things […]

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