Pain, Change & Marriage Greatness

Sometimes we are not so sure about the promises of change. We want change, and know that we need the same; however, somewhere in the midst of change […]

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Defiant and Defensive (MRT #014)

Consistently taking a defiant and defensive stance against your spouse when they are rightly opposing an action or inaction that finds you in the wrong, will eventually leave […]

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Challenging Moments

When husbands and wives allow God to speak to them during the challenging moments of their marriage, Great Things Happen.


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Happy Wife, Happy Life

It really pains my heart to hear and read various unbalanced statements such as, If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, or everyone’s […]

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Are You Honoring The Fidelity of Your Marriage?

When husbands and wives intentionally honor the fidelity of their marriages, Greatness will happen in their marriage.


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Do You Cherish Your Wife?

When you willingly make an intentional and selfless effort to cherish your wife, Great things will happen in your marriage.

Consider […]

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How to Live In Peace With Your Spouse

When husbands and wives take intentional steps to live in peace with each other, Great things will happen in their marriage.


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Do You Adhere to Wise Financial Practices?

When husbands and wives adhere to wise financial practices, Great things will happen in their marriages.

Consider the following passages of […]

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When You Have A Quarrelsome Wife

When you love your wife and do not become bitter with her, Great things will happen in your marriage.


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When You Play the You Should Know Me Read My Mind Game

Marriage Greatness Tip

How is playing the, you should know me  and read my mind game supposed to make your marriage better? […]

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