The Little Things

When my husband comes home from work, he parks in the driveway right by a tall hill that is somewhat landscaped but was overgrown with weeds this summer. That […]

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Marriage Replenishment

I realize that when most people hear the term Marriage Replenishment, the first thought that probably comes to  mind is, “it is for couples who […]

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Has Your Marriage Been Tested?

Marriage Motivational

When husbands and wives put forth an effort to receive a passing grade […]

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When husbands and wives choose to move their marriage to greatness, Great things happen.

Greatness is usually associated […]

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Sunrise in the Dry Desert

My husband is flying a humanitarian air drop mission into Iraq right now. The bottled water and food from his C-130 crew are the answer to prayer for hungry and […]

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One Principle to Improve Your Marriage

Marriage Motivational

When husbands and wives look after what is good for one […]

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2 Concepts That Will Never Improve Your Marriage

Marriage Motivational

When husbands and wives are not afraid of or embarrassed about improving their marriages, Greatness […]

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Intimate Moments With Your Spouse

Intimate moments in marriage creates a connection between husbands and wives that draws them closer to each other. The following is a […]

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Do You See Your Marriage As A Covenant?

When husbands and wives acknowledge and accept that their marriage is a covenant between them and God, Great things will happen […]

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9 Things That Can Ruin A Marriage

When you do what’s important to your spouse in the same way that you do what’s important to you, you will start […]

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