Jennifer Houlihan is more than a guest author, she is one of our personal friends and church member. She has been married […]

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Listening Is A Good Thing

When was the last time you spent time listening to something that your spouse had to say to you. Even if you are not interested in what your […]

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Move Your Marriage to Greatness


move your marriage to greatness

Following God’s Plan For Marriage

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The Praying Man



The Praying Man


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Do You And Your Spouse Have Opposing Opinions?

When husbands and wives do not let their opposing opinions create hostility and bitterness in their marriage, Greatness will happen in their […]

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Releif is but a Prayer Away

Faith ~ Belief in God's Promises to Us...

How do you spell or find relief when there is ongoing conflict […]

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Are You Looking For Lasting Change in Your Marriage

Lasting change is mostly like renovating a house or building. To accomplish this  renovation (Lasting Change), the owners must first authorize an […]

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Let’s Talk About Sex

When husbands and wives enjoy sex together, Great things will happen in their marriage.

Principal: God Didn’t Create Sex […]

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Make Forgiveness A Priority

When husbands and wives make forgiveness a priority, Great things will […]

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50/50 is an Unrealistic Concept in Marriage

Rome visit, June 2008 - 57

“50/50 is an unrealistic concept in marriage.”  If a husband only […]

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