Eight Ways In Which You Can Cherish Your Wife

1. Hold hands with her while walking. Holding your wife hand while you walk with her sends a clear message of closeness that is translated cherished when it reaches her heart.

2. Send her flowers with a hand written note. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day or any other celebrated day to send your wife flowers. Send the flowers and note at a time when she is not expecting them. You can build up the momentum by performing small acts of kindness days before the delivery to add energy to the surprise that awaits her.

3. Massage her feet at a time when she needs it the most. For this to be effective, you will have to pay attention and not expect anything in return once it’s done. If you pay attention during the conversations that you and your wife will have, she will let you know when the time is right.

4. Dance with your wife. Chose an appropriate, preferably Christian song and ask your wife to dance with you. You will have to create the moment. Remember to keep it simple and let the moment present itself to you, but don’t wait too long.

5. Send her a greeting card in the mail. On your way home from work or while you are out and about, stop somewhere and get the card. Take your time and pick out a greeting card that has a message that tells your wife that she is valued, appreciated, and cared for by you.

6. Remember her birthday. If you have problems remembering important dates, surprise your wife for a change by making an effort to remember her birthday at least. Make it even more special by remembering to get her that special gift that she has mentioned to you on more than one occasion.

7. Take her out on an unexpected date. Invite your wife to go out with you to get some ice cream, a cup of coffee, or any other place that gives her that one on one attention that she deserves.

8. Open the car door or any other door for her. If you are not already doing this for your wife I believe that she will appreciate you doing this for her.

Can you think of other ways to cherish your wife?

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