My wife and I have a busy house from sun up to sun down depending on the time of the year, seeing that the sun goes down sooner in the fall and winter. What makes our house so busy is the 6 out of 7 children that we have that live here with us. We have four boys who’s ages are ten months, five, seven, and nine and we have two girls who’s ages are four and fourteen. They are here all day long except when my wife take the home schoolers out on a field trip, to grandpa’s house, or to church on Sunday Morning. Unfortunately I am not able to participate in much of the fun because most of it happens before I get home from work. However, we do get a chance every now and then to go out as a family to the dollar theater, kids eat free restaurants, or to our most favorite place to go, The Atlanta Zoo.

With this many children in the house, coupled with household activities it can be very challenging for my wife and I to spend time together away from all of the children. You know as well as my wife and I know, that children are not willing to let this happen especially the younger ones. If one is not crying because one of the older ones has done something to them, another one will be knocking at our bedroom door saying they are hungry even though we just fed them an hour ago. The baby is in a category all by himself. Because my wife breastfeeds him, he has become attached to her. When he is ready to nurse there is no stopping the loud screeching cries until he has had his fill. So what is a mommy and daddy to do to get some alone time with all of this going on.

1. Intentionally get out of the house together. My wife and I will go to the grocery store alone without the kids; except the baby for now. To some this may not sound much of a date; but it’s better than not getting alone at all. I enjoy the trips to the grocery store with my wife, it provides me the opportunity to laugh, talk, and hold hands with her.

2. Go out with your spouse on your days off. Our fourteen year old is responsible enough to watch the other children outside of the baby. We take advantage of this every now and then to go to the Dollar Theater or regular movies when something comes out worth seeing. Even with the baby in tow, it stills turns out to be a good time even though it’s in the middle of the day.

3. Take your spouse with you when you can. When I have gone out to eat lunch with the men at church I have taken my wife with me a couple of times. This gives me time to spend time with her and to fellowship with the brothers from church as well.

4. All children must sleep in their own bed as long as possible. I would never have the opportunity to have my wife all to myself at night-time if we didn’t make everyone to include the baby go to their own bed at nighttime. If we didn’t have this rule, our four and five-year old would always go to sleep in our bed. As a side note, this does not mean that if they wake up in the middle of the night that they can’t sleep in our room. We have a red chase in our room just for that purpose.

 I hope that this gives you some ideas as to what you and your spouse can do to get some alone time without the children. You may not be able to do it in the same manner as my wife and I; however, this should enable you to come up with your own ideas to spend time alone with each other because it’s important.

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