Intimate moments in marriage creates a connection between husbands and wives that draws them closer to each other. The following is a list of possible intimate moments that you could have with your husband or wife to make a connection that will bind the two of you closer to each other. 

When husbands and wives have intimate moments together, Great Things Happen!

  • Walking together while holding hands

  • Communicating your feelings

  • Not being judgmental

  • Accepting your spouse for who they are

  • Changing habits that places stress on your marriage

  • Giving each other compliments that are meaningful

  • Being thankful

  • Being appreciative

  • Forgiving and asking for forgiveness

  • Being patient

  • Setting goals together

  • Being able to communicate from the heart

  • Admitting when you are wrong

  • Being willing to gratify each other sexually.

How do you connect with your spouse?

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Photo by

Joelle Inge-Messerschmidt