When my husband comes home from work, he parks in the driveway right by a tall hill that is somewhat landscaped but was overgrown with weeds this summer. That unattractive cliff is the first thing he sees when he comes home.

I never notice this hill. I don’t pay any attention to it. The weeds never bother me.

He’d mention those weeds a lot, squirt them with weed fighter substance when he had time, and mention the pesky weeds again soon after that. I finally realized that this was something that was really aggravating my husband. And I realized this was something I could do for him, was to get rid of those weeds.

So when I would go running this summer, I’d spend 15 or 20 minutes pulling weeds afterward. I was sweaty and gross already from running, and the children were not awake yet to “help.” I’m talking about the little helpers there. We give ourĀ older children lots of jobs, but even for them, this hill is steep, tricky and slippery with pine straw and probably chiggers whatever those are, so it was best left to the big people. Rather treacherous.

These weeds had some fight in them. They were more like medium sized bushes with stubborn personalities and roots to match. But I’m stubborn too, and I fought them for a little while each morning this summer. It took about a month to really get those weeds licked. They rallied and grew back in a couple of times, but they surrendered eventually after they realized they had met their match.

The hill looks very nice now.

I think my husband is happier when he parks in the driveway.