Marriage Replenishment Tips 

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Looking for a simple and effective way to maintain & strengthen your marriage?

Our Marriage Replenishment Tips will help you with that!

Discover The Same Tips That My Wife And I Use To Maintain And Strengthen Our Marriage!

Our Marriage Replenishment Tips (MRTS) will not only show you how to maintain and strengthen your marriage, but they will also show you how to replenish your marriage and Move Your Marriage to Greatness over time.

The weekly MRTS (Marriage Replenishment Tips) will be your reminder to apply various biblical principles that will show you how to replenish, refresh, and transform your marriage.

In other words, the weekly Marriage Replenishment Tips (MRTS) will show you how to become intentional while living out the day to day and moment by moment activities of your marriage.

In essence, each weekly MRT that you receive will show you how to intentionally live out your marriage in a way that pleases God and brings Him glory.

When you subscribe to receive our weekly Marriage Replenishment Tips (MRTS), the small bite size portions of biblical truths that are included in every tip, will show you how to start achieving extraordinary accomplishments that are uncommon in many marriages today. These weekly tips will also help you to understand how to live out your marriage in a way that pleases God and brings Him glory.

These are the extraordinary accomplishments that many marriages set out to achieve, but only those who are willing to move their marriages to Greatness, will achieve and continue to achieve throughout the duration of their marriages.

These accomplishments include, but are not limited to the following:

Following God’s plan for marriage

Being a faithful husband

Being a faithful wife

Better communication

Better intimacy

Becoming friends with each other

Better conflict resolution

Overcoming the obstacles of your marriage without giving up

Longevity milestones

Being an example that others can follow & more

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