“Read what our Clients are saying”

My wife and I were very close to ending our marriage. We decided to give the Robinson’s a try and hear them out. It was very important that they were Christian based counselors to teach us God’s intentions for marriage. It was also very important that we were able to meet with both of them, that way we would not be getting just a male only or female only view on marriage. We definitely recommend the Robinson’s, but just note that if you both really want to fix things, it’s going to take work, commitment and intentionality.
Roy B., Loved their encouragement...
Joe & Rhonda are an excellent team of counselors. They offer sound and unbiased counsel to both parties. My husband and I have definitely benefited from the sessions we’ve attended. We are understanding one another better and are learning to communicate more effectively and to be more aware of one another’s feelings. I would recommend Joe & Rhonda to any couple experiencing a season of unrest in their relationship.
Tonya L., Excellent Counselors!
I truly appreciate the team of Joe and Rhonda Robinson for helping my husband and I through an extremely difficult time in our marriage. I honestly felt our relationship was dead and was preparing myself to walk away. Agreeing to counselling was the last ditch effort for me. I think I went because I never thought it would work, so when I did walk away, I could honestly say I did all I could have done to fix our marriage. Through the awesome in depth coaching sessions with the Wonder Team (Joe & Rhonda) at The Color Of Marriage, I was able to begin working through my healing process and focus on God’s purpose for me in our marriage, rather than what I thought was my purpose for me in my marriage. I could see the progress in my husband week after week as we went through this counseling as well. It’s all about getting to the heart of God’s design for marriage and the roll we play in spreading his Holy Word through action. So bottom line……contrary to my belief…..it ain’t about me….. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!
I. Myers
Thank you for your time and advice. I was able to use a few pointers that was shared with me. I appreciate the information.
J. Jackson
I found The Color of Marriage is a must all who are thinking about marriage, newly married, and even those who have reached their Silver (25 years) or Golden (50 years) of marriage. Warning It For Believers In CHRIST!!!
Tye B.