Why am I still single? I know I am a good woman and any man would be blessed to have me. I am smart, independent, and love the Lord. I have my own house, car and bank account. So, why am I still without a mate?


When I was single, I prayed for my unseen husband. I wrote a three page list of the things he had to be for me to consider him marriage material. I did all the things that different ministers would tell us single women to do. I put the list under my pillow, in my bible and I claimed the unseen. I even wrote down what I believed was my every sin and hurt, and then I burned the pages releasing them to God. I tried this and that waiting on a husband. Then as the years past the list got shorter and I had run out things to try.


Now, in those years I made many mistakes and in my desperation I had two daughters out-of-wedlock. It, was not that I didn’t have a few offers to get married, it was just they were not the right ones. My standard for men kept shifting until one winter night. That night I got on my knees and said “Lord maybe I am not supposed to be married and I just need more of you in my life.” I wrote down a new 5 year plan to get out of debt, sell my house and become a missionary out the country.


So, the coming year I embarked on my new goals for me and the girls. The New Year brought a new job at the end of February and March 1st I met the man I was to train with for two weeks to learn the new position. Those two weeks lead to marriage 3 months later with my trainer. I know it was God’s will. I certainly was not seeking to get married, but God intervened and blessed me when I least expected it.


Over the years God has taught me so much, especially through my husband. The biggest thing I have learned is that we must wait on the Lord’s perfect timing and allow God to write our list. Secondly, I was praying for a husband and not a boyfriend. I realized that over the years I had settled for boyfriends instead of waiting on my husband. Although, I realize not everyone is meant to be married, I also see that in our haste for companionship, we miss being comforted by the only Man we truly need, Jesus.


So, why are you still single?

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